My Favorite Summer Suits

July 24, 2018

It dawned on me this morning that the summer is halfway over!  I spent the entire month of June inside a hospital, so I decided to take my suits out for a spin today.  I can't just have one swimsuit like I can't have one pair of shoes or one jacket.  Still, I'm a single woman on a budget.  I can never understand when people post about these fabulous suits that cost hundreds of dollars.  I don't know anyone who can afford that.  My most expensive suit cost $89, and that was a super splurge for me.  My cheapest one was $14 total.  


Also, can we talk about how awkward it is to be alone and taking photos of yourself??  I need to be transparent here!  I'm not a blogger with the luxury of someone taking photos of me.  Selfies and a timer are all I've got!  Every once in a while when I can rope my best friend into taking photos you'll be in for a real treat. ;) 



 I started off in my room with my messy pile of suits on my bed.  This suit is from J. Crew Factory for $32.  It's such a great option to find higher-end pieces for half price.  


 This headless photo is of my original J. Crew splurge suit.  I got it several years ago before I went on a Vegas poolside trip with a new boyfriend.  Oooh la la. Similar style available here



 I don't mess around with flip flops.  These Adidas Cloudfoam slides are well worth the $35 price tag.  Just like the name suggests they're like walking on clouds.  I kid you not.  


 Here is as showy as I get with skin!  I'm at an age where high-waisted bottoms are a blessing.  These are from Old Navy and are on sale right now!  I got the top back in October when my mom and I found ourselves in Palm Springs without suits.  We stumbled into American Eagle and scoured the clearance racks.  $7 for the top and $7 for matching bottoms.  Boom.  Similar style here on sale as well.  



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