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Workin' from home.

This whole work from home thing is interesting. It kinda sounds like the dream, right? I mean, staying in your pajamas all day, lounging on the couch, watching reruns of Chrisley Knows Best in the background. Perfection. Welllll, don't be too quick to load up the DVR. It's not for everyone. You may be like me where you're the kind of person who likes to be busy. I actually like to have a place in which to go and feel productive. With that said, I'm glad I'm making the leap to something that scares me (hustling from home).

I have kind of been transitioning into this for a long while now. My part-time social media gig has me working from my computer at home a few hours a week. I was doing that while I was still managing a movie theater, auditioning and doing the podcast every week. I was still out there being super busy while having a nice taste of the home/work life.

There's that saying that "Nothing will change if you don't change." I was extremely unsatisfied with my work at the theater. Sixteen years of customer service and being treated like garbage while I picked up garbage took its toll on me. Meanwhile my dreams of working in movies and tv were nowhere closer. I had been stagnant. It made me hate myself. Sure I was always doing the podcast, which has really saved my life creatively, but I felt no closer to living my best life. The very real responsibility of making money to live is always looming. My excuse was always, "I have to have something lined up before I quit. And I'm not making lateral moves." That proved to be very difficult. So I jumped.

Now I sit here writing for me. For you. For anyone. I find myself either snacking too much or forgetting to eat. I'm trying to pinch pennies and be smart about making my savings last, but I don't want to obsess over it every day. I've never been unemployed in my life. And I'm not right now. But I by no means have anything full-time that can support me. While taking this time to majorly pursue my passions I have also been job-searching. Trying to find something that is freelance/flexible. I refuse to go back to how I was living before.

My rent is going up in September. Everything just seems to get more expensive. So I have to try not to panic. I actually put a wallpaper on my phone that says, "Don't chase, don't beg, don't stress, don't be desperate, just relax. When you relax it will come to you. Make your wants want you."

I've always been the girl who makes things happen. I am extremely proactive in everything that I do. Asking boys out, asking for more money, righting wrongs. So the idea that I sit back and relax a little bit seems contrary to my "work hard" ethics. However, I do think it's possible to work hard and relax simultaneously. I think it's calmly putting in the work that you can without stressing out about the results. Things won't change unless I do, right? It's worth a shot.

Here are a few things I've learned so far:


1. Get up in the morning.

Don't let yourself sleep in! It's a trap. It'll begin to feel like every day is a day off, which is NOT what we want. (Is it?)

2. Set a bit of a schedule.

Write a list of to-dos for the day, and cross them off as you go. It really helps you keep on track and not get completely distracted by your cats or your perfect napping couch.

3. Actually use LinkedIn.

We all have one. Take some time to update your resume and filter out the types of jobs you'd like to hear about. And use it to network! You can actually email people from all over the business world and maybe even find a friend, mentor or even future boss.

4. Reach out to friends ands contacts.

Now is the time to get over your pride and actually ask around. You never know when someone you know knows someone who's looking for someone that does what you do now! Take the time to catch up, clue people in on where you are and ask for help. The worst thing in the world is not a "no."

5. Give yourself time to relax.

This one is just as important as the others. I've found myself going crazy at all hours of the day/night working and working and pushing and searching for jobs. You have to tell yourself to stop and just be at home sometimes. Or go out! The lines can tend to blur a bit when you work from home, so make sure to separate and create YOU time too.

Work from home basic green breakfast. I do admit I love the simple things.

My wallpaper. It's a nice reminder.

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