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To J. T.

Valley Village


Dear Joe,

I woke up this morning with the most palpable dread. I'm not sure of the reason. It was the type of worry that lingers along every slow breath. It felt like something seriously terrible was about to happen. You know those moments where you feel the need to check in on every member of your family and each friend just to "make sure"? That's what this morning was.

Still, the day crept on. I actually felt better the moment I reached the theater to meet you. Movie Theaters do that to me. They are a place for instant relaxation--and actually more than that--excitement. I KNOW you know what I mean. Fuck, the possibilities that exist in moviemaking are only limited to our imaginations. How often do you get that in life? Truthfully our whole lives should feel that way, but realities of bills and responsibilities creep in. That's why when I can escape to the movies and forget those burdens for a while, I'm giddy in my bones. I'm giddy too because ultimately THAT'S about what I want to make my whole life. Making movies. I know you do too.

It's always a pleasure to spend time with you, my friend. It's not as common these days to find a kindred spirit that is a source of simple joy and motivation. Normally I detest having "actor" conversations, but with you it feels natural. We both want it together but don't take it or ourselves too seriously. Good on you, mate. I'm glad we suffered through our servitude at the good 'ol L. together. At least for a little while.

The days have gotten more uncomfortably hot here, but I must say that the fragrant aroma of the trees in my neighborhood makes me forget any malaise I may feel. Holy smokes it's soft and penetrating at the same time. So many good things are dichotomies, aren't they? Who needs one note when you can have two opposing that explode off the page.

I'm going to attempt to learn more on the ukulele this week. Wish me (and my neighbors) luck.

Annitsa (and her grundle)

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